Discover the 3 Fastest Ways to Get Rich on World of Warcraft

Gold, gold, gold! In World of Warcraft, gold is the cornerstone of the economy and it is used for a whole slew of things ranging from training up your skills to buying gear, mounts, and so many other things.

End of the day, the fact of the matter is that without gold, you’re not going to be able to afford all the things that you’ll need to help yourself get further in the game. As such, it makes sense that you’ll definitely want to get rich as quickly as possible in the game itself.

Once you’ve had these 3 amazing tips revealed to you, it should be within your grasp!

1. Don’t buy items unless you really need them

Very often new players end up buying items that they don’t really need. These items could be anything ranging from actual armor and weapons right on to materials to help level their professions.

Frankly speaking, until you have a steady supply of gold coming in, buying items is just going to deplete whatever little gold you do have, and so the first step to getting rich is to stop spending gold on things that you don’t need.

Simple, right?

2. Master the auction house

As the center of commerce, the auction house is an essential part of any player’s experience, and you need to master it – fast. Try using an addon such as auctioneer to help you keep track of the prices of items, and even spot items that are going at a lower-than-normal price tag.

By being aware of what items are worth on the auction house, you’ll find that you can sell off most of that ‘junk’ that you usually just sell to vendors for much more attractive prices!

At the same time, you’re a lot less likely to end up paying more than what you should for anything that you do buy.

3. Find a demand and supply it!

Once you’re able to figure out what people want and are willing to pay money for (i.e. materials, special types of equipment, cloth, and so on), you can easily farm those specific items and make a killing while you do so.

If you want, you could even try to manipulate the auction house by attempting to monopolize the market for a certain item!

Follow these three simple tips and you’ll have tapped into the fastest way to get rich on World of Warcraft. While it may not be rocket science, getting your cash flow just right is slightly tricky, but with a little bit of practice you’ll find that in no time you’re pretty much swimming in gold.