Should You Level Your Wold of Warcraft Character as Fast as Possible?

Once you start to level up, you’ll find that you slowly but surely end up building a desire to level up faster than you currently are. As you experience more and more of the wonderful content within the game, you’ll want to get further faster, and be able to get all that really cool gear and powerful spells that you see other players using.

Due to this, the temptation to level up your character as fast as possible is bound to exist, and you could very well end up getting frustrated by the pace at which you’re leveling and want to improve on it.

But at the same time, there’s bound to be a little part of you that wonders: Is it really a good idea to just race through your levels as fast as possible?

Honestly – there is no easy answer to this, and the jury is still out on this one. On one hand, leveling fast means that you get to experience the ‘pinnacle’ of the game content more quickly, i.e. the big bosses at the end of the game.

On the other hand though, it also means that you’re going to be missing out on a lot of the lower level content that can be pretty fun to work your way through as well!

Apart from the content though, the fact of the matter is that powering through levels often has one very detrimental effect: Your gear is probably not going to be up to par with your level unless you happen to be very lucky.

Most players who level up slowly and do the lower instances and quests end up gaining gear as they do so, meaning that they’re constantly updating their gear. But if you’re leveling up fast and not doing as many instances and quests as you do so, you’ll find that your gear very often is obsolete really quickly.

Once that happens, killing mobs that are your level can start to be more and more difficult!

Still, on the flipside, if you’re able to adapt to this and make certain that you upgrade your gear as much as possible, it’ll mean that you gain access to higher level gear that would’ve replaced whatever other gear you had anyway.

See how complicated a question this can be?

Basically – the only answer that is really important as far as fast leveling is concerned is whether or not you’re comfortable with it. There’s no point leveling fast if you find that it gets tedious and you can’t cope with it.

On the other hand, going slow and getting bored is just as bad.

Pick a pace that suits you – and go with that!