What Class Levels Up the Fastest in World of Warcraft?

Nowadays, many people starting out in Azeroth want to get to level 80 as quickly as possible so that they can start to join in on the really big battles, and get the really cool gear from the end game instances.

Needless to say, this is perfectly natural, and you’ve probably already asked yourself this question if you number among these people: Which class levels up the fastest?

Frankly speaking, there is no easy answer to this. Well, to be honest a lot of people say that hunters level up the fastest – but that isn’t entirely true. Almost every class has a case to be made, and so it is important that you understand what affects the leveling rates of various classes so that you can pick the right one.

For starters, there are a few things that matter when you’re leveling up, and they are:

1. How fast you’re able to kill enemy mobs (and thus complete quests), and
2. How much time you have to rest in between killing mobs

Some classes that are more focused on dealing damage, such as mages, find that they’re able to kill enemy mobs very, very fast. But unfortunately they also have to spend time drinking water after every few kills in order to replenish their mana stores.

Other classes kill mobs more slowly, but don’t have to drink in between and so can go from kill to kill with relatively little downtime.

Basically, how fast you level is going to depend on how quickly you can kill mobs while still not having to rest and recuperate too often. End of the day, this is more about playing strategy than anything else seeing as a high damage class could very often tone down their damage slightly and kill more slowly but thus waste less time resting.

Another thing to consider is that classes with pets (i.e. warlocks and hunters) tend to have a slightly easier time leveling as they’re a little more versatile and can afford to have their pets soak up a lot of the damage that mobs inflict (which means less resting time again!).

Traditionally, hunters have been said to be the ‘fastest’ class to level up, but if you don’t really like playing a hunter you’ll find that you can level up quickly with practically any class at all now that you know the factors that help your leveling rate.

Just to top it all off, having a good knowledge of quests and what you need to do to complete them, would also definitely help improve your leveling rates.