May 22, 2020
anisia_ue (All reviews)
This is the first time I’ve ever decided to write a review, so I’m sorry if I’m doing this wrong.

The other day I decided that I wanted to watch a horror anime that other people personally found scary, and that anime was none other than Corpse Party. At first I was hesitant because as an 8 year old I watched play throughs of the visual novel(s) a lot, and they genuinely scared me at some parts, but nonetheless I still wanted to play the visual novel(s). Once I clicked the first episode the sounds immediately scared me, and i was sure I was in for a ride. But, I was only a few minutes into the first episode and I was already getting bored. Personally, I believe the anime started getting better around the last few minutes of the 2nd episode. But as I continued to watch the anime, my feelings were beginning to get mixed. I started to like it more by the minute, until the last few minutes of the last episode ruined my enjoyment.
Now, onto explaining why I rated everything as I did.

Story - 7/10, or Good
Personally I was very excited for the story because I always heard people saying it’s one of the greatest horrors of all time, and I just can’t agree. I’m not sure if I’m putting this in the right category, but I thought the gore and deaths were overdone for the amount of episodes there were, and I thought everything was done WAY better in what I’ve seen of the visual novel. I did like the story, but I felt it could’ve been much better if things weren’t overdone, and if they would’ve changed some deaths and some of the gore so that more characters could get development. Most of the time, I either laughed or just stared at the screen during the deaths. I really liked the kind of story it had, it’s overall pretty unique aside from what I thought was wrong with it. I believe if the anime had more episodes it would’ve been much better, but we’ll most likely never know. But overall, I thought it had a good story.

Art - 8/10, or Very Good
The art was actually pretty good. I didn’t notice any annoying scenes in terms of art or animation, but there was some small stuff that bothered me. Well for starters, the guts and blood didn’t feel extremely real. To me they just looked like 2D drawings, and I personally don’t understand how it can be considered gorey when the gore wasn’t drawn that well. Like for example, I really preferred the way the “gore” was drawn in Another. I also thought some of the scenes were drawn weirdly, but I’m not going to say which ones, as that would be a spoiler. Personally I really loved the art in a lot of scenes, but my favorite might actually be considered a spoiler so I’d rather not say anything about it.

Sound - 7/10, or Good
I liked the sounds, although some of them were just annoying. The OST was pretty good, and I especially like the opening song. I personally disliked the sound because of really any scene involving the girls in the series, such as the one scene were they all say, “Kawaii” in unison. I also really disliked any scene where the characters screamed, as it was extremely unnecessary. There were also some more minor reasons why I disliked the sound, but they’re not extremely important and I personally believe they don’t change much.

Characters - 6/10, or Fair
Personally, I had a LOT of characters that I simply did not like. Honestly the only ones I liked were most of the guys, other than Yoshiki, I also genuinely disliked Satoshi until the last episode. And the girls in the anime annoyed me a LOT, especially Seiko, Mayu, and Yuka. The only girl I liked was the teacher but yeah... My favorite characters were probably Morishige and Kizami, and I really wish they got more development. Well, I overall thought mostly all of the characters needed character development, but I still thought some of the characters were cool.

Enjoyment - 5/10, or Mediocre
I only enjoyed around half of the anime, and some of the parts that I enjoyed unfortunately seemed very rushed and I wish they could’ve lasted longer. I liked the unique story, but a lot of things seemed out of place, such as the times of the deaths and stuff. Overall I’d say I half enjoyed the anime and half didn’t, and the reasons why are basically laid out in the rest of my review.

Overall - 6.6 = 7/10, or Good
Overall, I believed it was a good anime. The story was very unique and there were some good characters, and the OST was great. If there’s ever a remake, I hope it gets more episodes so that everyone can be more developed, and if they ever remake it I also hope the art and sounds are improved! But of course, I doubt it’ll ever be remade so for now I’ll continue to believe what I do. And if you like horror, I say you should give Corpse Party a chance! While it may not be the best in terms of development or deaths, it’s still a good anime.