May 22, 2020
Otaku_Excentrico (All reviews)
A very overrated anime for sure.
If you, like me, watched or want to watch the anime based on what the fans said, you will end up being very disappointed.
It is a difficult work to evaluate, the first arcs have a good rhythm, interesting characters with a medium development, a soundtrack that excites a lot in some moments, but the end of the arcs are so disappointing, all with magic solutions of "Deus ex machina ".
Many episodes are dragged, especially in the last arcs, in some of them I even wondered if I was watching the correct anime! I had to skip many to stay interested in the anime and even the episodes I skipped barely made a difference in the development of the plot.
Many good characters are misused, while extras are given an unnecessary focus. Almost the whole plot ends open, it is very frustrating to watch so many episodes and realize that nothing really interesting has happened.
However, it is a good work. Nothing spectacular, some may like it more or less, but in general it is difficult for someone to dislike at least the beginning of the anime. Just keep in mind that the plot decays a lot in some moments.